River Eachaig Bank Stabilisation Project

Purpose of Grant

Green engineering to protect large bank of erosion on the River Eachaig.

Project Description

The River Eachaig fishery has around 30 named pools where anglers fish for sea trout and salmon. It is located in the Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

Two of the main pools in the river (Lamonts and Bells pools) hold a significant proportion of the fish because they are in the lower tidal reach of the river. Unfortunately, they have become less favourable for fish due to severe bank erosion and collapse which has meant that the pools are becoming shallower and provide less holding water for salmon and sea trout.

The local fishing syndicate (70+ members) engaged Argyll Fisheries Trust (AFT) in 2022 to prevent erosion through significant green bank revetment (GBR) works on the Lamonts pool. This work was funded in part by the Wild Salmonid Support Fund. The 2022 work was completed successfully and has already begun to improve the condition of the riverbed in the pool and prevent further erosion.

The Eachaig fishing syndicate will engage AFT or other suitable contractor to complete similar works on the larger Bells pool in 2023. The completion of this work will be a material improvement for the fishery.

The Trust will monitor the Green Bank Revetments and make any repairs needed over time. They will also work with the local landowner to erect stock fencing needed to promote the regeneration of the bank vegetation that will provide the longer-term bank protection needed to keep the pools in good condition.


The project was awarded a grant of £11,084 from the fund.

Project Details
River Eachaig Bank Stabilisation Project
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