Argyll Fisheries Trust: Dalvuie Burn Project

Purpose of Grant

To fund habitat restoration activities aimed at improving stream habitats for fish and overall biodiversity on the Dalvuie Burn in Argyll.

Project Description

Argyll Fisheries Trust sought funds to undertake a restoration project on the Dalvuie Burn that aimed at improving the recruitment of sea trout in local waters. Activities centred around the burn which is a typical coastal stream flowing into the north shore of Loch Etive at the Falls of Lora, Argyll. It is an important spawning area and juvenile nursery and vital to the recruitment of sea trout in the area. The burn flows for approximately 3km across land that has a mix of land uses including livestock grazing (0.7 km), species-rich grassland (0.35 km) and a peatland restoration project (0.86 km).

The project was defined by 4 key activities:

Activity 1 improved the habitat within a specific livestock grazing area (0.7 km length) and used an excavator to reintroduce natural meanders, pools, spawning riffles and provide a small flood area by removing an embankment. Woody debris and larger stones were added to improve habitat complexity.

Activity 2 focussed on a stretch of rich grassland. An excavator was used to scrape soil from areas of bank and encourage (plant) Common Gorse to colonise the banks.

Activity 3 focussed on a lower stretch of burn that runs alongside an area of newly restored peatland (0.86 km length) and is heavily modified. This activity saw the use of an excavator machine to place (and secure with land anchors) old tree stumps and newly cut timber into the channel.

The 4th and final activity involved pre- and post- works monitoring of the 3 different treatment areas through habitat and electrofishing surveys. The Trust collaborated with the owner of Dalvuie Farm to deliver this project. All management and monitoring activities were overseen by the Trust’s senior biologist and the assistance of volunteers were also present on the project.


The applicant was granted £18,600.00 to go towards an overall project budget of £23,350.00 and the project was completed by Spring 2022.

Project Details
Argyll Fisheries Trust: Dalvuie Burn Project
Funding received: